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Dynamo creates mind-catching new names for companies and products.
We provide new naming options for your venture, packaged with the intuitive dot-com (ie. Honda.com rather than HondaAutomobiles.com), and screened for trademark.

Dynamo conducts free preliminary screening for US trademark to increase the chances that the name you select will be available for your mark use when you submit it for trademark clearance. Upon request, Dynamo also offers screening for offensive meaning in other languages, and runs TM screens for the non-US countries specified by client. Final TM approval is outsourced to a third party law firm (The American Trademark Company or Thomson and Thomson charge competitive rates). Many clients opt to execute the final TM search themselves via inhouse counsel.

Pricing for Dynamo projects:
Pricing depends on the number of name options you wish presented per round. Please contact us to discuss your preferences. If you are only interested in names for which the intuitive dot-com is obtainable, please specify this at the outset. Clients are then asked to estimate their dot-com budget (1-5K, 5-10K, 10-15K, etc.). We will not contact the domain owners, but will try to gauge valuations and then submit names for your consideration which we hope we can obtain for you within your price range.

How to proceed:
Contact us by phone or email and we'll gather a thorough description of the product, service or company you wish to name (NDAs available). We also have a worksheet for your review. Complete as much of it as you are able, given your time constraints and the data you have on hand, and email it back to us. The questions on the Dynamo Naming Worksheet can also give you a formalized method for exploring your naming goals with your team.

We'll be looking for information such as: What are your customer's needs? What are the ideals of your company? What kinds of names don't appeal to you? What naming styles, themes, and images do you believe are best suited to your enterprise? What are some of the names and brands in use by your competitors? What suffixes, prefixes, words, and roots are over-used in your field? What industry-specific information must be factored? Which existing brands do you find appealing? [For instance, if you like the sound and the branding tack of names such as "Microsoft" (compound and corporate), "Razorfish" (progressive), or "Yahoo" (fun and irreverent), we'll want to know why they appeal to you.] What specifics about your team, location, or history might be incorporated in your brand? Do you favor a specific type of name, such as compound whole or compound partial names (ie, BlueTornado, Oniverse), one-word (Parlance), coined (Vicera), idioms (MarkedCards), or non-English words (Aimant)? Who comprises your market now? Who would comprise your market in the best of all possible worlds?

We'll review your responses to the worksheet and get in touch to fine tune the issues your answers raise. Thereafter, we'll use your input and our own research to get a picture of your company or product, your market, your trade competitors, and their branding. This process will help us drill down to a set of name options that will be more likely to meet with your team's approval and which will be viable trademark and branding options in the end. Get the Dynamo Naming Worksheet.

What we deliver:
Dynamo will deliver a "top ten list" of names which we highly recommend and which fit the criteria for your project, along with 20 or more alternate options. Each recommendation includes a brief summary of the advantages of the name and why we believe it would work well. Where applicable, we include colorful logos to help you visualize your name in action, the history of the word, any existing or past uses of similar terms, and any associations the word calls to mind in English and non-English languages. If you are unmoved by our first round, we will ask further questions to refocus and will begin a second round, pursuing other directions and returning with a fresh list of naming options incorporating your feedback.

Once you have selected one or more names that suit your enterprise, you will be ready for final trademark clearance and ready to launch using your powerful new name!

Let's get started! Email or phone Dynamo to discuss a jumpstart for your new venture...

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