Dynamo's team began work in 1998 as businesses began to find it impractical to name new companies, services, or products without outsourcing the research. Entrepreneurs and marketing professionals were spending weeks trying to meet several new needs with one name:

- 'the name has to be clear for trademark use in our geographic area...'

- 'since the advent of the internet, our geographic area appears to be the planet...'

- 'the intuitive dot-com should be obtainable, or else our geographic area is our hometown...'

- 'if we're selling to the planet, our name better not mean 'cold sore' in japanese...'

Dynamo brings law, graphic design, marketing and psychology to the task of hunting down a name that is equal to these challenges. The goal is to push you to the forefront of your market with a strategic and evocative new name. We can orchestrate the tech, the legal, and the creative, so you won't run into walls now, or worse yet, after you've already invested years in a name that is limiting your success, instead of propelling your company forward.

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