What can your name do for you? It can communicate your company's ideals and answer your customer's unspoken shopping list. It helps form the world's perception of how good your product is, how good your services are, how big your company is and how wisely it is run. A great name can even invigorate your market niche or become a byword for your industry. Naming and branding a product line well can also give rise to a valuable new subsidiary company. A new name can give a dated image a complete overhaul, or help draw attention to your commitment to growth and progress.

By contrast, bad naming can perpetually handicap growth. Potential customers can be lost based on alignment with a dead fad, miscommunication of the field of trade, or brand forgettability. Acquiring a new customer must always be made as flawlessly smooth as possible, and one's name is part of that responsibility.

A bad name choice can also drive you into fatal trademark roadblocks. One can be shut out of an entire market because of an obscure extant common law mark. One can be forced to rebrand for foreign markets because the name doesn't travel well across languages. One can also be sidelined by a competitor who does the same thing half as well, but with an easier-to-remember name.

Your name is one of the most important decisions you'll make for your company. So how can you pick a new name that will become your company's greatest asset--a strong brand?

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